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"The Global Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry
Meeting Point in Europe"
The Global Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Congress
(GOC E&P) discusses the geo-strategic, commercial, technology
and regulatory issues that will shape the future of the development
and commercialisation of the deep and ultra-deepwater oil and gas
industry in several regions including the North Sea and the Arctic,
the Mediterranean, the West African Coast, the Persian Gulf, the
Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean, Australasia and the South China Sea.

Exploring the political and technical challenges that lie ahead, leading
companies, government representatives, and legal experts will meet to
discuss the challenges in energy resource development in region while
exploring the latest innovative technologies and ground-breaking
solutions to maximising ROI on hydrocarbon resource development
and extraction.

The summit will specifically focus on:
  Evaluating Profit/Loss Potential of Established & New Global Plays Given Current & Future Oil & Gas Price Trends
  Impact of Shale Production and Suppressed Demand on New and Re-Activated Offshore E&P Projects
  Key Case Studies in the Development of Offshore Oil and Gas Production Activities In Key E&P Plays Globally
  New Methods and New Subsea Technologies, Rig and Pipeline Construction for Improving Offshore Reserve  
  Formulating Effective Scale Management Strategies During the Initial Phases of Offshore Field Development
  Infrastructure Development for Enabling the Establishment of Processing and Global LNG Hubs
  The Pipeline Projects that Will Supply Future Worldwide Markets – Putting Key Regions in a Global Perspective   
   Increasing Efficiencies in Construction, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  New Subsea and Well Intervention Techniques - The Implications for Deep Water E&P and Declining Assets
  Enhanced Integrated Field Development, Asset Management and Operational Excellence Strategies
  New Technologies in Down and Upstream Production
  Assessing, Managing and Mitigating Environmental, Financial, Regulatory and Political Risks
  Meeting Increasing Local Content Requirements in Key Upcoming Global Offshore E&P Regions
  Key Regional Market Updates – Overview of the EEZ Bidding Processes in Key Global Offshore Emerging Markets
  Talent Sourcing and Managing Health & Safety Issues in Region’s Evolving Oil and Gas E&P Sector

+ Due to High Demand – Private Round Table Discussions on Hot Topic Issues (held on the afternoons
of the 1st & 2nd of June

Global  is specifically relevant to organisations including:

•   Companies seeking information and technologies for future operations
Senior decision makers from international and regional operators
•   Oil and Gas operating companies
  Regional Governments
•   Service and equipment suppliers
 Engineering and construction companies
•   Contractors
•   National Oil & Gas Companies
Integrated Oil& Gas Companies
•   Independent Oil& Gas Companies
Service Companies
•   EPC/Main Contractors
•   Equipment/Manufacturing/Supply
Shipyard/Fabrication Yard
•   Inspection and Monitoring
Instrumentation and Control Systems
•   Marine Support Services
Pipeline/Transportation     |    For attendance enquiries please email :
The Event will be attended by CEOs, COOs and CIOs as well as senior-level
exploration & production executives from the following divisions

Deep & Ultra Deepwater Reservoir Exploration

Reservoir Production, Engineering, Optimisation, Operations &  Development

Technology                                                   Planning & Forecasting  

Research, Geology & Geophysics             Procurement       

Business Development & Innovation       Project Engineering

Project Management                                   Drilling           

IT & Systems Integration                             Strategy

Smart/Digital Oil & Gas fields                      Risk Management     

Safety & Security                                          Environment

Legal Consul & Government Affairs          Regulation
Welcome to the Annual
Global Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Congress
Amsterdam | The Netherlands